Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Promises, Promises

There’s nothing quite like a summer storm to round off a hot and humid day – the cooling breeze, the slow build up of cloud, the transformation of day to veritable night, the gentle rumble of thunder and the freaky flash of lightning as nature asserts her authority.

Granted, no one wants to experience destructive winds or flooding rains on a regular basis, but I’ve been feeling a bit let down by the weather of late.

Let’s start with the temperature. Ridiculous. One day it’s too hot, the next too cold and then there's one that’s just right thrown in for good measure. Not that I’m complaining – there are worse fates weather wise. It’s certainly keeping us guessing.

As for those promised storms – most mediocre. They’ve come to nothing in my neck of the woods. A wee drop of rain, the odd rumble and an occasion blanket of lightning. Not that I’m after one of those “get the insurance policy details ready” type storms, but how about a decent light show and some soaking rain. Is that too much to ask? Perhaps. One must always be grateful, not only for what one is given, but also for what one is spared I suppose.

May the rain fall lightly on all your fields.

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