Saturday, July 12, 2008

Why must all good things come to an end?

What are holidays if not a way of teasing us? A way of saying "This is how life could be!"? We are given a glimpse of a world without responsibility, a world without time limits, only to have it cruelly snatched away, just as we begin to relax and get used to it. If I could, I'd fold up a little piece of holiday and pop it in my pocket, just so I could remember how life should be - a daily torment or a glimmer of hope - you decide.

I recently went on a winter beach holiday, which I've documented below. It sounds dreadfully mediocre, but that's only because I've left out all the good bits.

Saturday 5th July 2008 - Drenching rain. Car got good wash on way to coast. Arrived – in rain. Unpacked – in rain. Welcomed visitors – in rain. FnC’s for dinner – in rain.

Sunday 6th July 2008 – Beach walk – in rain, and for variety, little bit of wind (weather, not stomach). Prepared gourmet children’s lunch. Eaten by adults. Began Lego.

Monday 7th July 2008 – Morning walk. Beat the rain – almost. Rain. Charming. Very wet rain. Finished Lego – too soon!

Tuesday 8th July 2008 – Hint of sun. No, wait. Rain. Stood on bee on beach (unbelievable – yes!) Why me? Why beach? Wearing shoes, so ok. Me, not bee. Bee fecked. Magnificent sunset. Thank you rain-type-clouds. Sky alight with colour. Tried to knit scarf. Watched abnormal TV – Ladette to Lady. Should enrol self. Will try to wake for sunrise tomorrow.

Wednesday 9th July 2008 – Missed sunrise – by 3 hours. Nothing but blue sky. Need sunglasses, even inside. Magestic. Saw dolphin. Did not see me though. Reading in bright light. Saw another dolphin (or could be same one. Did not catch name).Still did not see me. Odd tongue like creatures on beach. Freaky. Will try to see sunrise tomorrow.

Thursday 10th July 2008 – 6.15am – awoke to see sunrise. Sun shy. Took sweet time to rise. Bit cold. Nutjobs walking, running and surfing. Sunrise very pretty, if little bit standard. Early light shows floor very dirty. No matter. Back to bed? Nothing doing all day. Ate. Ate more. Eating exhausting. Regret overindulgence. Sleep it off. Am power knitter – broke needle!

Friday 11th July 2008 – Glorious day. Excellent wispy clouds. Another bee on beach. Did not stand on. Improving. Weather warm. Very warm. Odd. Finished novel. New one? Yes. Eat, Pray, Love. Final evening walk. Sad. Lovely. Sunset pretty. Made dinner. Feel domestic. To sleep, to find strength, to face life.

Saturday 12th July 2008 – All too soon it is done. Home James.

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