Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Mediocrity at Work

Clearly mediocrity is everywhere. For a perfectionist, it can be very hard to accept mediocrity, particularly in their work. Now obviously, there are some occupations where mediocrity is a no-no. For example, an Ambulance Officer should always strive to eliminate mediocrity, as should a pilot. A chef on the other hand, while aiming for excellence, may get away with a little mediocrity every now and then (where’s the harm in a little food poisoning?).

Teachers, who obviously would like to be all-knowing, can use mediocrity to their advantage – “Yes I did spell that word incorrectly Jimmy, but I did it deliberately to see if you were paying attention!” On the flip side, it’s probably not good for a teacher to confuse “Naturalist” and “Naturist” when presenting student awards before the entire school and parent body. Similarly, they may need to think twice before announcing into the loud haler that, “All those boys with balls should be more careful!” And telling a four year old to, “Stop acting like a child,” frankly doesn’t make much sense.

Then there are those professions where mediocrity is a prerequisite. Journalism for example. Imagine if all the journalists suddenly became literate and well-informed! We would no longer need editors or talk-back radio!

So before beating yourself up for being mediocre at what you do (I’m not saying you are, you may be a flaming genius at your job), stop and think about the fact that perhaps your mediocrity is the very thing keeping you, and those around you, employed!

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