Sunday, March 16, 2008

Goodbye to the Normals

Children are odd creatures. At times they seem so stupid and yet at other times you can only marvel at their brilliance, their wisdom, their innocence, their insight and their thoughtfulness. Children are great advocates of mediocrity ("So what if the person in my picture has two heads, one arm and a tree growing out of their bellybutton? I think it looks great!") and great challengers of its use also ("You seem to have put those peas rather close to my potatoes. I therefore cannot eat either unless you re-dish my entire dinner, including my cup of milk!").

A fine example of children challenging mediocrity can be found in the short film "Goodbye to the Normals". Enjoy! (Mild language warning).

Mother: Um, banana sandwiches.

Son: Are they Fair Trade?

Mother: Well, they're organic.

Son: Is that what I asked you?

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